Bilingue Homeschooler

membresia 2021-2022

¡Bienvenido al año escolar 2021-2022!

We are a group of homeschooling families who believe that learning opportunities abound in every aspect of our lives: from our home, to our community, to the world! Based in Puerto Rico, we love discovering different spots in this enchanted island and eagerly learning both Spanish and English! We are a resource for homeschooling information, techniques, books and sites. Most importantly, we are a support network for both new and currently homeschooling families in Puerto Rico who value education in both English and Spanish.

Bilingüe families have the responsibility:

To attend events regularly so they can meet the other families.

To respect the right of others to learn.

To respect their peers regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender.

To respect the property and equipment of the park or facilities and others.

To carry out reasonable instructions to the best of their ability.

To conduct themselves in a courteous and appropriate manner in public

Homeschoolers are representatives of Bilingüe from leaving home until they return and are thus expected to set themselves a high standard of behavior both inside and outside the park.

Bilingue reserves the right to terminate membership of any member when deemed necessary.